Product-Availability V1


Getting Started

What you will need

The service is oriented to the distributors, having partner contracts with Schneider Electric. Most of our partners work with us using the mySE web-application (order management platform).

  Generally you’ll need:-

           - A ShipTo (stock ID –one or several);-

            - A Client ID (login);-

            - A Client Secret (password).


The account in mySE and all the other credentials except of the token can be obtained via your account manager in Schneider Electric in your country, please reach your Schneider Electric contact to get ones.

After you receive your mySE account, you will have one or several addresses listed in the application. The identity of these addresses are the “ShipTo”s you need to work with the service. Technically they are just the IDs of your company’s shipping addresses.

These are usually 10-digit IDs. The full list of “ShipTo”s available for your account can be found in “Price and Availability” section of mySE in the “Delivery Address” list.

On the other hand, for each of the API calls you’ll need a temporary token. This token can be easily obtained by authentication, described in the “Access token” section, common for all Schneider Electric Global APIs. Having the Client ID and Client Secret you will get the token immediately.

The Client ID and Client Secret process is also described in Access tokensection, but generally you can request it of your local Schneider Electric contact.

If you’re a little bit confused with all the info provided at one time –please don’t hesitate to ask your Schneider Electric contact for any help.

How it works


Bearer authentication is a security scheme of http type and bearer scheme. Please visit the “Authorization” section in the getting started for more information. 

Token Generation Sample using Postman: 
1. Select POST and enter the Token URL.

2. From the Body tab, click on radio button x-www-form-urlencoded.

3. Manually enter Key and Value, “grant_type” and “client_credentials”.

4. From the Authorization tab, select Type “Basic Auth”.

5. Set Username to the client key (provided to you by the APIFIRST team offline).

6. Set Password to the client secret (provided to you by the APIFIRST team offline).

7. Send request and retrieve value of access_token from the response message. 
Sample curl for Token 

curl -X POST \ \ 

  -H 'Accept: */*' \ 
  -H 'Authorization: Basic OFNkWlFqTVVGbWthNG1tVVhvTGUxajcxY2VHQUxBczY6YzQ0MjlOa1VMS3FRQkJDMA==' \ 
  -d grant_type=client_credentials 

Supporting Documents

This document describes how to use Schneider Electric Product-Availabilityv1.0