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Getting Started

What you will need 

The service is oriented to our partners. No special requirements, apart from requesting credentials. 

Two options are supported to access this API.

• OAuth2 access, where you submit your credentials to retrieve a short-lived token, you then provide the access token in the API call via the Authorization Bearer header.

 • Apikey access, where you provide the long-lived apikey as a query parameter 

OAuth2 is supported by all the APIs in our catalog and is the prefered solution. Please use the “Contact Us” link on to request an new apikey or OAuth2 credentials. Your request will be referred to the API owner for validation. 

How it works

 API Endpoint (Base URL)

Token URL 

Environment  Token URL


Environment  API URL 

 Apikey Access

Once you have an apikey, you can exercise both GET operations directly in a web browser. 

Here are examples of both Get operations. Replace “your-apikey” with the actual value of your apikey. 

OAuth2 Access

Once you have a Client ID and Client Secret, follow these steps to retrieve an access token. The sequence needs to be repeated before the token expires in 1 hour. 

Token Generation Sample using Postman: 

1. Select POST and enter the Token URL.

2. From the Body tab, click on radio button x-www-form-urlencoded.

3. Manually enter Key and Value, “grant_type” and “client_credentials”.

4. From the Authorization tab, select Type “Basic Auth”.

5. Set Username to the client key (provided to you by the APIFIRST team offline).

6. Set Password to the client secret (provided to you by the APIFIRST team offline).

7. Send request and retrieve value of access_token from the response message. 

Sample curl for Token 

curl -X POST \ \

 -H 'Accept: */*' \   -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \   -H 'Authorization: Basic OFNkWlFqTVVGbWthNG1tVVhvTGUxajcxY2VHQUxBczY6YzQ0MjlOa1VMS3FRQkJDMA==' \   -d grant_type=client_credentials