FAQ & Glossary

General Questions

What's Schneider Electric API?
It's the general naming of Schneider Electric solutions for system integration - a set of services working in REST API logic providing different kinds of data depending on the service. Best used to improve your business processes when working with Schneider Electric.

What about authorization?
It's OAuth 2.0 authorization using a "client ID" and "client Secret" (login and password) to get a token. The token is then used to request the required data. Please visit the Authorization section (API Usage Guide) for more info.

What about asyncronic calls?
You can do up to 10 calls asyncroniously to reduce the total time the process works.

What is token? How do I get one?
First you call the token API using the "client ID" and "client Secret", provided by your local SE contact and get a token as a response. Then you just use this token in the http-header while calling the API. Please note, that the token you obtain will be active for 1 hour.

What is the speed of support in case of problems? What is guaranteed uptime?
Our guaranteed uptime is over 99%. In case of problems, we provide resolution within a few hours. This type of requests we treat with highest priority. From previous experience, as there are very rare cases of having problems with API consumption, we treat each instance case by case.
You can submit questions to us by clicking on "Contact Us".

Who should I contact in case of any problems?
During the initial development and onboarding process (after business decision has been made), most conversations are happening between the SE team and Distributor developers.

How often data structure is being changed? How do we notify about changes?
Data structure is never changing without prior notice. In case of changes, we launch other version of the service, while the current one is still supported. We are conscious about stability of the service and its reliability is part of our API offer.

Product-Availability 1.0

What's Product Availability?
It's a service providing a date when a particular amount of a particular SKU (product reference) can be delivered by Schneider Electric to your particular address.

Where the data is extracted from?
The data comes from local SE ERP.

Is the data in the API and mySE the same?
Yes, the data provided by the API and mySE is completely the same.

What format is the date returned in?
It's the long UTC date (2018-05-04T21:00:00Z). Don't forget to convert it to your local date.

Which encoding is used?
The UTF-8 encoding is used.

Can I request several SKUs at a time?
No, only one SKU (product reference) can be requested by one call.

What's ShipTo?
It's the ID of your stock in mySE system. Usually it's 10 digits. It might be similar to your SoldTo (Purchaser ID), might differ from it.

What is the difference with mySE usage of Price & availability feature?
mySE is the platform that offers full journey end-to-end for placing orders. Nevertheless, there are cases, when only very precise information is necessary (in this case - product availability date). Through API we can provide it directly to distributors' systems (internal or web shops/e-commerce platforms) avoiding any human interaction. APIs can be easily adapted to different business scenarios.


SE - Schneider Electric

Token - temporary key to access Schneider Electric APIs. It is updated daily based on credentials.

Client ID - your 'login' to get the token for API access. It is to be requested from your local contact at Schneider Electric.

Client Secret - your 'password' to get the token for API access. It is to be requested from your local contact at Schneider Electric.

mySE - is a customer personalised ebusiness self-service order management platform with access to all information and support distributors needs for their customers' and strengthen disctributor's role as a trusted advisor. Features include: Real time price and availability, easy quote and order entry and shipment status details. It is not mySchneider app.

mySchneider app - a mobile app that offers tailored services to partners, such as product information & registration, order status, and gives easy access to expert support and information. It is not mySE.

KAM - Key account manager

Local contact - your point of contact in Schneider Electric in your country.

API - Application programming interface

Product Reference - SKU, Schneider Electric product ID.

Order - an order placed within mySE platform.

Single Sign On - single & unified Schneider Electric authorization system to access Schneider Electric resources.