Distributor Quote

This is a read only service allowing Distributors to retrieve quote-lines based on quotes associated with their accounts. These quotes will generally be in the process of conversion from Quote to becoming an Order. Specifically, SE Distributors are tapping into these services to help them bridge processing steps from Schneider to their internal systems. Without process automation via API, Schneider Distributors need to manually act as the bridge for data between systems. In order to achieve efficient process and get rid of error-prone system, this API is designed. This particular API is considered as the first step while initiating a series of transactions between the Distributor and Schneider.



Country Availability Assessment – This API is only available for customers based in North American countries.  

API Access will require oAuth authentication, please refer to the details on portal.

Get Quote Lines

Method GET
BaseURL https://api.se.com/v1/pricing-quote/distributor/quote
ResourcePath /quotelines/{quote-number}


Note: quote-number must be a valid SE Advantage quote number with respect to distributor account for which token is generated

Distributor Quote