Order Entry FR

The aim of the Order Entry API is create an Order in mySE. Through this API, a user can: Get the status of an Order through all the steps of ordering, Validate content of the order (Address and cart content) + pricing details, and Submit the Order to mySE.



Country Availability Assessment – This API is only available for customers based in France.


mySE order API supports 3 different operations as below:

  1. Validate an order entry
    • An order can be validated before submitting a create request.
    • Validation is done considering data-types, mandatory parameters and various business rules depending on country and/or purchaser account.
    • After validating required details, it returns pricing details for the order.
  2. Retrieve Order Entry Status
    • Returns current status of an order.
      API team can list down master values for a status if applicable.
  3. Submit Order Entry
    • It allows to submit a new order, when submit request is made, all validations mentioned in validateOrderEntry operations will be performed.
    • If order request is valid, order will get created in mySE and orderRequestDate, ponumber and ordernumber will be returned in response.

While using any of the above API, ensure correct email address is provided in order to ensure successful authentication.

Correct email address implies:

  1. Email must be registered in mySE against user account
  2. Email must be having permission to access/create order details

Date format: The format of all date fields follows the date format defined in ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD).

Getting Started

API Access will require oAuth authentication, please refer to the details on portal.

BaseURL: https://api.qa.se.com/v2/customer-order/system/myse-order-entry-fr

Operation Method ResourcePath
validateOrderEntry POST /orders/validate
submitOrderEntry POST /orders/submit
GET /orders/{order-id}/status


Order Entry FR