Product Stock Level Checker

The service providing the stock quantity for a distributor. Master data from ERP is returned without any threshold checks.



Country Availability Assessment - Catalog of countries where we have conducted performance, availability, and response time testing for this API:

  • Argentina, Belgium, Brazil (only for POST operations), Canada, Chile, Finland (only for POST operations), Germany, India, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland and United States.

If your country is not included in the list, please feel free to reach out to us directly or contact your designated Schneider Point of Contact (POC) to inquire about the API's accessibility in your country. 

API Access will require oAuth authentication, please refer to the details on portal.

API Details:

This API supports two operations, consumer is expected to call one based on requesting country.

Method Countries ResourcePath QueryParams
GET AR(Argentina), Chile(CL), India(IN), Japan(JP), Russia(RU), Kazakhstan(KZ), Ukraine(UA)





POST Nordics, Australia(AU), Sweden(SE), Singapore(SG) /products/stock-levels N/A



Note: referenceType while calling POST method is 4 if product is selected from website. Please contact your local representative to get referenceType for any other product code.


Product Stock Level Checker